Iwona Pruszyńska

Iwona has gained significant commercial and business experience both within the European Union and Australia.

​In the years 2000 -2003 she occupied the position of the lawyer of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection, having been the author of key antitrust decision against, among other things, National Health Fund in the media case on the application of the Supreme Chamber of Nurses and Midwives, within the "Orlen" JSC capital group and in the case of the President of the OCCP against TP SA. She has also been the co-author of the draft regulations implementing to Polish system EU law on competition and consumer protection. 

She was a member of a number of trainings conducted by the Office of the Prime Minister, Directorate-General for Competition of the European Commission in Brussels and the French Antitrust Authority in Lyon. 

Iwona is the author of articles on European law and competition and consumer law in the Polish journal "Business".  She also writes for Polish national newspaper "Rzeczpospolita" mainly on international human rights and Australian law.

In 2002, the Chairman of the National Chamber of Tax Advisors has entrusted her to establish and operate the Chamber Office and 16 of its branches. Within the operation of the National Chamber of Tax Advisors  supervised and directed the work of the Board on legal advisory projects over tax legislation. She was responsible for the continued cooperation with the Ministry of Finance and the Financial and Tax Committees of the Polish Parliament. 

Since 2005 she has permanently stayed in Australia.

In the years 2007-2012 she was associated with an Australian law firm Grace Lawyers Pty Ltd, where she was involved in  bankruptcy proceedings and debt recovery for companies operating within the Australian market.

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