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Concordia Solicitors, offer a comprehensive legal service for individuals and businesses. We pride ourselves on delivering fast and effective service with desired results.

Working closely with Cap Lawyers based in Australia, we represent clients in cases which require expertise of both Polish and Australian law with presence in both jurisdictions.

Our high quality advice is provided by lawyers who regularly and passionately increase their knowledge and qualifications. Our firm was created with clients and their needs in mind where particular focus is placed on mutual trust.

We believe that in Concordia you will find a professional, modern legal service be it for an ad hoc instruction or a long term partnership. Our clients are Polish nationals domiciled in Australia, foreigners and businesses with international element.

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Monika Pruszyńska – Legal Counsel
Iwona Pruszyńska – Solicitor
Marlena Prochowska – Legal Counsel



Concordia Solicitors - What makes us diffrent


We are a law firm that specializes in international law. We work at the interface between Australian and European law. Our offices in Australia and Poland provide clients with constant access to professional legal support.


- We listen to the need of our clients
- We have unique knowledge and skills
- We offer legal assistance to clients both in Australia and in Poland


We specialize in cross-border matters at the interface between European and Australian law. The Concordia Law Firm is the first contact if you want to efficiently resolve your legal problems that require the application of both, Australian and Polish law.

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